28 March – Day 19

Friday 28 March

1pm update

Mr Cook underwent a lengthy cross-examination from Mr Wren about filtering emissions from the vent.  He said this was unnecessary, but did not appear to know of the use of filters in any of a dozen major countries put to him.

The EPA wanted PM5 to be included in the performance requirements. The LMA agreed, but Mr Cook prevaricated.

Louise Hicks for Moonee Valley again asked sharp questions. She pointed out that the air quality analysis was based on 2021 traffic figures – which the LMA haven’t released.

The situation will get worse unless much tighter car emission standards are adopted.

Flemington housing estate was not used as one of five hotspots in the transepts completed on air pollution risks for near roadway exposures.

The use of ground level concentrations was omitted from the performance requirements and needs reference to “flagpole receptors” reorienting the air being breathed at flats on higher floors.

Acting Chair Mr Whimbush picked up the issue that a planning scheme overlay applied to the CityLink vent stacks to prevent new high rise buildings being established in the future.

It was also highlighted that CityLink vent stations were built to enable retrofitting on filters and Mr Cook supported this option.

11am update

The morning was taken up by the presentation of evidence by Mr Barry Cook, the LMA air quality expert witness. He ran through the nine key air quality risks but found only two that were significant.

A mass of documents were tabled which the LMA said would be used in cross-examining the community witness, Professor Irving.

Cook agrees that filtering is the best available technology for air quality but argues that social and cost factors argue against their use. Has to be reminded that he is an expert advising the Committee not an advocate for his client.  Then turns to arguing for electric cars as better option. Chris Wren highlights other countries have electrostatic  precipitators and filters.

Case of M5 East was discussed where the vent was moved away from expensive homes.

Earlier, Moonee Valley Council tabled detailed proposed amendments to the Urban Design Framework.


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