Tips for presenting at the hearings


The time for individual submissions to be heard is rapidly approaching. It’s time for you to sharpen your pencil and start working out what to say. These notes are intended to help you.

The Assessment Committee are very experienced people and have already heard two weeks of evidence. They are probably less interested in general contributions or repetition of arguments they have heard many times.

They will be welcoming and patient with community presenters, so there is no need to be nervous. To make the best impact in the limited time you have been given ( mostly 5 or 10 minutes) the community group suggest that you:

  • Put all the general points in your submission to one side. Think about the aspect you are most concerned about or have new information to give.
  • If you like you can start with a statement such as the following:

Thank you for hearing my submission today. I would like to reiterate the important points that I made in that submission. I understand that many other submissions have raised these points and the vast bulk of submissions also oppose the construction of the East West Link.

 Today in the few minutes allowed to me I want to focus on ……..

  • If you have a personal story, such as being acquired, relying on parkland, concern about cracking etc – tell you story succinctly.
  • The Committee has been invited to consider the merits of claims for compensation for people who are not being acquired. If you have such a case you should put it here -possibly getting legal advice.
  • You are able to present new information or responses to things that the LMA has claimed at the Hearing or elsewhere. Submissions will need to be tabled and 25 copies provided. With two hours notice the coalition of community groups can help you with photocopying.
  • If you have good photos or maps or want to use PowerPoint you should bring it on a memory stick an hour in advance so it can be set up.
  • You don’t have to read your submission which can be much longer than your allotted time. In fact you should try to summarise and just make the key points.
  • The Committee may ask you questions but they will be neutral and you are not being cross examined or questioned by the LMA or other parties
  • The coalition of community groups is keen to talk to as many submitters as possible to enable collectively presenting the strongest possible case.

Help is available and if you don’t want to appear or can’t at the time allocated there are community members who can speak on your behalf or use the time to introduce specific material responding to the LMA evidence.

Any queries please contact:  Andrew Herington   0418 573 504 or Harriet Mantell  0425 725 706

Here is some other helpful information for people presenting at the public hearings:

1. The timetableVersion 3 of East West Link Timetable 270214

2. EWL Guide to Submitters EWL Guide to Submitters

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  1. brentonbaldwin February 28, 2014 at 12:20 am #

    Thanks for sharing.

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