Finding documents

The Hearings are starting to get drowned in paperwork and often the cross examinations jump from one source to another.

There are three main sets of documents which are all located in different places.

The  Comprehensive impact Statement itself can be found HERE on the Linking Melbourne Authority website. This also contains a range of other information promoting the project.

The details about the Assessment Committee can be found HERE. It includes links to the Terms of Reference, biographies of the Committee members and detailed of the process they have followed, such as Site visits and the Preliminary Hearing.

The Timetable for submitters to appear is given on this page, along with a helpful Guide for Submitters. Version 3 is the current one

Links to each of the Expert Witness reports can be found lower down on the same page

An extensive number of documents known as the Section 57(4) statement was provided by the LMA to the  Assessment Committee request for answers to 87 questions at the January Preliminary Hearing and the answers to these questions are near the bottom of the Assessment Committee page (or easier to download from the LMA equivalent page).

The Tabled Documents during the Hearing are now listed on a separate page HERE. These are often quite important developments and with over 50 in the first week now take up more than 1 page on the site.

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