Making a submission on East West Link

East West Link hits Moonee Valley

East West Link hits Moonee Valley

Two weeks remain.   Submissions on the East West Link are due 5pm December 12.

The process may seem complicated: there is a cover sheet, confusing terms of reference, details to include.

Here is a simple checklist for completing a submission:

What to do:

  1. Put in a submission by 12 December 2012
  2. Complete a cover sheet If you do not provide the coversheet, Planning Panels Victoria won’t accept your submission.
  3. Write your submission in your own words and attach to your cover sheet.
  4. Write your name and mailing address on your actual submission.
  5. Your submission must state the grounds, be relevant, and address the Terms of Reference

Email the cover sheet and submission to:

Or post to:
The Chair
East West Link (Eastern Section) Project Assessment Committee
C/- Planning Panels Victoria
Level 5, 1 Spring Street,
EAST MELBOURNE         3000


Checklist:       Send by 12 December

  • Cover sheet
  • Name and address on submission
  • Be relevant
  • address the terms of reference of Assessment Committee


What you can write:

The Assessment Committee’s job is to recommend to the Minister whether or not he should grant permits for the East West Link.  The Minister has to grant: Planning Amendment, Water licence, Heritage consent, EPA approval, Road management Approval.

Your job is to bring to the attention of the Assessment Committee the impacts they should consider.  Should theMinister grant the permits?  Tell the Assessment Committee what you think.

For example:

Transport connectivity   Should the Minister grant approval under the Road Management Act?

Whether the impacts of the project on the traffic performance of roads connecting to the project, and the surrounding road network, as well as on connectivity for public transport, cycling and pedestrians, have been appropriately addressed.

  • Congestion expected in Macarthur Rd, Elliot Ave, Racecourse Rd
  • Ormond Rd and surrounding streets will receive more traffic
  • There will be increased traffic around the Elliot Ave interchange with the tunnel as traffic tries to get in and out of the tunnel
  • More cars will try to turn loop back on Flemington Rd to access the east bound tunnel
  • The project will not enhance public transport or its connectivity
  • The principal cycling route through Royal Park may be temporarily and / or permanently disrupted
  • The cycling routes along the Moonee Ponds Creek north of Mt Alexander Rd may be disrupted.

Land use, dwellings and infrastructure  Should the Minister grant a Planning Amendment?

Whether the impacts of the project on land use and infrastructure in its immediate environs, including on housing, recreation and community facilities, have been appropriately addressed.

  • Loss of parkland
  • Loss of homes
  • Loss of playground with no guarantee in performance requirements for replacement
  • Proximity of project boundary to homes and community infrastructure – including gardens and community centre.

Visual amenity

Whether the proposed Urban Design Framework in the CIS will appropriately manage visual impacts of the project on the surrounding area, including public open spaces.

  • Visual impact of freeways across Ross Straw Field
  • Visual impact of tunnel entry in Royal Park and at Elliot Ave
  • Visual impact of duplication of CityLink from Mt Alexander Rd to Footscray Rd

In your submission, you can comment on:
1 Transport connectivity
2  Land use, dwellings and infrastructure
3  Visual amenity
4  Noise, vibration, air emissions and light spill
5  Cultural heritage
6  Surface water and groundwater
7  Native vegetation and biodiversity
8  Solid wastes
9  Environmental management framework

The following issues are not relevant to the terms of reference:

  • the business case for the East West Link
  • alternative routes
  • traffic movements on the toll road itself
  • public transport funding

Examples of submissions coming soon.

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