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The work of the Assessment Committee starts in earnest on Monday 3 March with opening statements from all the key parties. A joint statement from the Community groups will be delivered by Tom Pikusa at 4:15pm.

The Chair is expected to clarify some of the issues left over from the Directions Hearing and the shape of the case to be presented by the LMA and the Councils will become clearer.

There will be updates during the day here on the Blog and Twitter!

A new timetable for witnesses has been distributed: Version 3 of East West Link Timetable 270214

The next four days of hearings are all taken up by the Linking Melbourne Authority who will be introducing their expert witnesses as follows:

Tuesday         Overview of their case

Wednesday   Michael Veitch (traffic modelling)

Stephen Pelosi (traffic)

Thursday       Tom Brock (Road Design and Alternatives)

Allan Wyatt (Urban Design) and

Heather Nesbitt (Social Impact)

Friday           Marianne Stroettrup (Busines)

Gavin Hay (Surface Water)

Barry Cook (Air Quality)

These witnesses will be cross examined by Chris Wren, the Counsel Assisting, and community groups can submit proposed questions by the morning two days before the witness is to appear. These are being coordinated by Gordon Ley from Friends of Royal Park.

The traffic projections from Veitch Lyster Consulting VLC have been heavily contested by other expert witnesses – so Wednesday’s cross examination will be the next highlight of the week.

There is now a mountain of new material from the Linking Melbourne Authority and the various expert witnesses on the Assessment Committee website. Various people are working on analysing this material and if you have any observations , comments or potential witness questions you can send them using the form below:

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