Preview of Week 2

After a hard grind through the first week, the community groups are keeping the pressure on to convince the Assessment Committee of the many flaws in the East west Link proposal.  This week will see three more days of cross examination of Linking Melbourne Authority expert witnesses.

The timetable has tended to move around a bit, but currently listed for Tuesday  are Gavin Hay (Water) Peter Lovell (Heritage), John Patrick (Cultural Landscape) and Brett Lane (Flora and Fauna)

Day 7 on Wednesday will see John Healy (Vibration) Peter Fearnside (Noise) Peter Naudebaum (Contamination) and Tim Anderson (Groundwater) take the stand.

Day 8 on Thursday will see Heather Nesbitt addressing social impact issues and the LMA wrapping up their case.

The wheel starts to turn on Friday when the City of Melbourne ‘s Ian Pitt start to present the Council’s case over three days. This will see more expert witnesses who will challenge the LMA’s assumptions and calculations. So far Melbourne has been pushing hard the case against the need for Part B with some telling arguments..

There will be updates every day here on the Blog and Twitter!

There is now a mountain of new material from the Linking Melbourne Authority and the various expert witnesses on the Assessment Committee website. An explanation of how to find and work through this material is on the new page Finding Documents.

By Andrew Herington

Note from Rose: The Last Summer Project is a series of large format photographs made of Royal Park in the summer of 2013 – 2014.  You can check out The Last Summer Project at fortyfivedownstairs gallery in Melbourne 11 – 22 March 2014.

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