By Andrew Herington.
The panel hearings are rapidly coming to a close with three more days of individual and community group submissions.
On the final day, the combined community groups have 20 minutes allocated which will be presented by Tom Pikusa, counsel for the Royal Park Protection Group.
Andrew Herington also has 20 minutes on Monday in which a summary will be provided of all the submissions made over the last six weeks.
The assessment committee are interested in the following (all of which need to be covered):
  • the reasons why community groups and individuals argue the applicable approvals should not be given by the Minister
  • the amendments that should be made to the performance requirements to apply if the project proceeds
  • the amendments proposed for the planning scheme Amendment, the EPA Works Approval and the Urban Design Framework
  • the process community groups believe should be established to oversee compensation for people affected.

These are complex matters, but there is plenty of information to draw on (1,430 submissions and nine folders of tabled documents) and present a simple outline of our case.

The key is to have a really clear list of arguments to present for why the project should not proceed.
If you have particular issues you want stressed  in either submission please send your thoughts by the end of Friday to Andrew at or Tom at

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