Which Panel recommendations has Minister Guy accepted?

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See Table here: Minister’s response to Panel Recommendations

Accepted by Minister

Delete Elliot Ave interchange

No net loss of public open space

Some improvements to tunnel ventilation

Debneys Park Master Plan

Air Monitoring for Part B

Mitigation works for Essendon Gardens as requested

Issue consent re water-ways

Community Liaison Group for the Manningham Street/West Parkville residents

Community grant program

Community Liaison Committee

Environmental Management Framework

Traffic monitoring

Assess against Urban Design Charter and principles


Watered-down by Minister

Ensure no cut and cover in Royal Park and Alexandra Ave – “Minimise”

Move location of Western portal north of Oak Street – “Investigate”

Prohibit at grade construction near Gold St – “where possible”

Adjust Alexandra Ave/Princes St to improve north south and tram movements – “investigate”

Review design of Ormond Rd Ramp – “investigate”

Apply noise monitoring as specified – added 68dB for existing roads; removed external criteria; removed open space levels

SPAusnet recommendation  – “minimise impacts on”

Noise and air quality mitigation for Flemington Housing Estate – “as far as practical”

Part B including consideration of the alternatives of a road in tunnel or an elevated road on the east side of CityLink – “investigate an alternative to”



Remove temporary side track

Remove Southbound Connections to and From CityLink – TBC in Dev. Plan Part B

Remove elevated structures from Ross Straw Field – TBC in Dev. Plan Part B

Revise northern exits to portal – TBC in Dev. Plan Part B

Compensation for Vision Australia – Part of Property Impact Report

Remove access ramps from Arden St – “investigate connections”

Voluntary property acquisitions – as part of Property Impact report


Rejected by Minister

Delete proposed flyover at Hoddle St

Set aside Part B

Reduce levels at Hoddle St flyover

Some parts of Tunnel ventilation

Preserve homes in Bendigo and Gold Streets

Preserve heritage integrity of Shot Tower



Move ventilation stacks

Extending the bored tunnel construction at least as far east as Wellington Street

No property acquisition north of Alexandra Ave

MOU with MVCC re sporting facilities

Urban Design Study west of Lygon St

Appoint independent design assessor

No construction on sensitive areas of Royal Park

Noise along CityLink to be considered single corridor

Detailed air monitoring

Air monitoring as specified

Further work of impact on cultural and heritage value of Royal Park

Copy of Ground water report to tenderers

Allow for removal of native vegetation

Store only clean spoil in sensitive areas

Negotiate with Urban Camp



Advisory group will advise on Development Plan

–       new design for Flemington Rd interchange

–       design considerations for Part B

–       elevated structures in Royal Park

–       connections onto CityLink

–       Property Impact Report

–       Hoddle St interchange

–       noise and air quality mitigation measures for the Flemington Housing  Estate

–        design changes for West Melbourne Terminal Station site

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