Yarra City Council votes against EWLink

The following resolution was passed by Yarra Council on Tuesday night.

Moved:  Councillor Colanzi                      Seconded:  Councillor Stone

  1. That Council:

(a)       notes the officer report on the Assessment Committee’s findings and report on the East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement and the Minister for Planning determinations of 30 June 2014 on the 6 applicable approvals for the East West Link subject to conditions;

(b)       notes the key differences between the Assessment Committee findings and the Minister for Planning determinations as summarised in Attachment 1 of the East West Link project update report;

(c)       on behalf of its community, strongly criticizes and rejects the decision approving the East West Link contrary to the substantial evidence and the many professional recommendations of the Assessment Committee, in particular:

(i)        the Minister’s rejection of the Assessment Committee’s finding that the Hoddle Street flyover to the Eastern Freeway is unacceptable and should be redesigned with access to the Eastern freeway by a method (e.g. ramp) no higher than the current Hoddle Street bridge;

(ii)       the Minister’s failure to require relocation of the main ventilation structure at the eastern portal of the project being re located east of Hoddle Street and the Hurstbridge rail line;

(iii)     the Minister’s failure to require more stringent noise controls particularly night time noise limits; and

(iv)     the Minister’s failure to require a construction method which would avoid the creation of a temporary “side-track” north of Alexander Parade; and

(d)       notes that despite this being the largest infrastructure project currently proposed in Australia, a full business case has still not been released despite numerous requests from Yarra Council, Federal Parliamentarians and others and as such;

(e)       condemns the lack of transparency surrounding the viability of this project;

(f)        maintains and reaffirms its strong opposition to the East West Link as a project that lacks appropriate rigour and convincing rationale, that is not sustainable nor cost effective in meeting the mobility needs of Melbourne including public transport deprived growth areas, and which will exacerbate inner city congestion, especially on an already congested Hoddle Street; and

(g)       requests that contracts for construction of the East West Link not be entered into prior to the general election scheduled on 29 November 2014.

  1. That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Premier, relevant Ministers, and shadow Ministers and the Mayor and Councillors of Melbourne, Moreland, Moonee Valley and Darebin City Council.



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