City of Moreland seeks legal advice on East West Link

The City of Moreland will seek legal advice on the state government’s approval of the East West Link.

Three councils, the cities of Yarra, Melbourne and Moreland, affected by the East West Link voted against the road tunnel at their meetings last week.

The City of Moreland was the only council to agree to seeking legal advice.

Moonee Valley City Council will consider the issue at their meeting on 22 July.

City of Moreland resolution

East West Link

That council:

  1. notes the release on 30 June 2014 of the Assessment Committee’s report on the East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement and the Minister’s decision to approve the East West Link subject to conditions;
  2. notes also that the Minister has approved a new interchange between the East West Link and Flemington Rd, and flyovers connecting the East West Link to CityLink at Ross Straw Field, subject to further planning;
  3. strongly criticizes the decision of the State Government to proceed with the East West Link in a way which denies the scientific and legal assessment processes and the professional recommendations of the Assessment Committee, and which ignores the  will of the community;
  4. reaffirms the strong opposition of the City of Moreland to the destruction of Moonee Ponds Creek by Stage 1B of the East West Link;
  5. objects to the serious lack of clarity brought about by the Minister’s decision to approve two East West Link interchanges ‘subject to further planning’, but which will require the net loss of parkland in Royal Park;
  6. strongly ciriticises plans to widen CityLink, especially without providing residents with protection from increased noise
  7.  insists that any contracts to build the East West Link not be let until the people have had the opportunity to pass judgment at the general election in four months’ time; and
  8. requests the CEO to send a copy of this resolution to the leaders of all parties represented in the Victorian Parliament;
  9. requests the CEO to immediately request of the Linking Melbourne Authority that the City of Moreland  be consulted in the drafting of the Development Plans referred to in the conditions of the Minister’s approval; and
  10. requests a report to council on the (a) details of the extent to which the City of Moreland’s submission on the CIS was taken up by the Assessment Panel and the Minister, and the impact of the Minister’s decision on the City of Moreland, and (b) an explanation of the opportunities by which the City of Moreland can participate in and influence the project as per the conditions of the Minister’s approval.
  11. that Council requests the CEO to seek independent legal advice about options Council may have to challenge the determination given the impact of the East West Link on open space and residents in the City of Moreland.

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