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City of Melbourne must act to avoid poor planning

The City of Melbourne must act to ensure contracts for the East West Link are not rushed through before the Victorian state election while large parts of the project, including Part B and impacts on Ross Straw Field and Parkville, remain unconfirmed and have not been rigorously assessed. In order to avoid mopping up the […]

What’s been said about the East West Link

Here begins a summary of the comments made about the East West Link over the past 28 days at the public hearings.  More will be added to this list as the hearings wrap up today and tomorrow. What’s been said about the East West Link 1. The process has lacked rigour Three engineers told the […]

Why is the East West Link a threat to zoo animals?

Opinion article by Michael Petit The proposed East West Link presents a threat to the animals at Melbourne Zoo. If Oregon can shut down highway construction adjacent to its zoo for four months over concerns about the health of one pregnant elephant, what are the ongoing risks to the animals at Melbourne Zoo? These are […]

EPA doesn’t stand in the way of East West Link

By Andrew Herington.  It was a bad day for local residents wanting protection from increased pollution. Despite all the evidence, it seems the EPA has shut its eyes and wants to give the green light for the EWL to proceed with no variation to the conditions. On noise, the EPA argued against having any improved […]

Map showing Eastern Freeway meeting tunnel


By Andrew Herington The LMA were given extra time on Thursday to have another go at trying to explain their traffic model predicting the Hoddle St intersection. The new figures are the seventh set of numbers for Hoddle St/ Alexandra Pde provided by the LMA (CIS Chap7, Question 21, Doc 44, Doc 59, Doc 93, […]


By Andrew Herington The tempo of the hearings dropped markedly today as the last of the council witnesses were heard. Michelle Zeibots, a Sydney academic who has specialised in induced traffic gave a strong performance explaining in detail the numerous factors that result in overall traffic increases when new road space is provided. The LMA has […]


By Andrew Herington Week four started with a distinct change of tone.  Adrian Finanzio, counsel for the City of Yarra delivered a comprehensive analysis of the merits of the LMA case for the freeway and the weakness of the legal arguments on which they have relied. Summarising the arguments presented over the last 15 days, […]


By Andrew Herington The focus shifted today to the inner northern suburbs with expert witnesses appearing for the Moonee Valley City Council tackling traffic and noise impacts. Louise Hicks for the Council began by tabling a huge folder of detailed policies covering planning, transport, environment, open space and other issues. Quoting liberally from the documents […]

Sadly, trees still don’t have standing

By Andrew Herington As a death sentence it lacked eloquence: “there is no tick in the tree control box in the Heritage Overlay”. But to the LMA these words give it a licence to clear whichever parts of Royal Park they want without the need for a permit. Day six at the public hearings was […]

Week one top ten – East West Link hearings

Is the CIS standing up to scrutiny? Five barristers and five expert witnesses later and the jury of public opinion is unimpressed. After just five days out of thirty, here are the top ten points to note: 1. The East West Link tunnel will not deliver commuters better travel conditions during peak hours.  The benefits […]