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Why is the East West Link a threat to zoo animals?

Opinion article by Michael Petit The proposed East West Link presents a threat to the animals at Melbourne Zoo. If Oregon can shut down highway construction adjacent to its zoo for four months over concerns about the health of one pregnant elephant, what are the ongoing risks to the animals at Melbourne Zoo? These are […]


By Andrew Herington The tempo of the hearings dropped markedly today as the last of the council witnesses were heard. Michelle Zeibots, a Sydney academic who has specialised in induced traffic gave a strong performance explaining in detail the numerous factors that result in overall traffic increases when new road space is provided. The LMA has […]

Moonee Valley Council helps residents fight the tollway

    For more information, see the Council website.  

People holding protest posters beside the road

Racegoers abuse local protesters

A young man dressed in a bright pink suit leant his head out of a slowly moving taxi.  He yelled loudly: “F__k you!” The 200 Derby day roadside protesters responded with smiles – although a local government councillor returned fire: “Hey mate, you’ll lose twice” at the races and with an $8b tunnel. Organisers of the […]