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Presenters concur: CIS is inadequate

By Petra Stock A common thread of inaccuracies in the CIS ran through Thursday’s presentations on various topics including the zoo, Royal Park ecological values, climate change, agglomeration and impacts on local residents. The two presentations on the zoo by Michael Petit and me highlighted the complete lack of assessment of impacts on the zoo, […]

Personal cost of the East West Link

More than a dozen residents told the panel today about the direct impacts the East West Link will have on their homes, families and lives. Christine Di Muccio, who lives with her family in Parkville West, described to the panel the day she and her husband let their children cross Manningham Street to play in […]


By Andrew Herington Debate crawled along today like traffic in the Burnley tunnel. Mr Pelosi was grilled for the whole morning, but there was no illumination as to why he had supported everything in the CIS.  He assured us that he could find nothing in the 1,030 submissions he read that convinced him of fault […]

Live blog from public hearings starts 3 March

The public hearings start next Monday.  Community members will bring you live updates on the presentations made to the panel. If you are attending the hearings and would like to help with live blogging, please contact Petra Stock petrastock@hotmail.com