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Hearings over – Minister to release report by 30 June

The hearings have now finished. The committee will complete its report by 30 May and the Minister must release it by 30 June. The blog has recorded all that was said over 30 days: all evidence presented and omitted; all harms projected and ignored; all costs financial and social. My enormous gratitude to all who […]


Media release: Coalition of community groups After 30 days, the public hearings on the East West Link project will close today. Community members will meet at 1:15pm in Treasury Gardens opposite the hearings to mark the final day. Nearly 1,400 community groups and individuals prepared detailed submissions in response to the CIS. Around 210 made […]

What’s been said about the East West Link

Here begins a summary of the comments made about the East West Link over the past 28 days at the public hearings.  More will be added to this list as the hearings wrap up today and tomorrow. What’s been said about the East West Link 1. The process has lacked rigour Three engineers told the […]

Distinguished engineers say East West Link process fundamentally flawed

By Petra Stock Today three respected engineers told the Assessment Committee the process for the East West Link is irredeemably flawed. In their presentations Dr Paul Steinfort, Dr Simon Moodie and Professor Tony Marjoram tackled what Moodie termed the project’s “methodological flaws”: the rushed planning; the lack of probity, transparency and due process; the failure […]

Why is the East West Link a threat to zoo animals?

Opinion article by Michael Petit The proposed East West Link presents a threat to the animals at Melbourne Zoo. If Oregon can shut down highway construction adjacent to its zoo for four months over concerns about the health of one pregnant elephant, what are the ongoing risks to the animals at Melbourne Zoo? These are […]

Presenters concur: CIS is inadequate

By Petra Stock A common thread of inaccuracies in the CIS ran through Thursday’s presentations on various topics including the zoo, Royal Park ecological values, climate change, agglomeration and impacts on local residents. The two presentations on the zoo by Michael Petit and me highlighted the complete lack of assessment of impacts on the zoo, […]

Personal cost of the East West Link

More than a dozen residents told the panel today about the direct impacts the East West Link will have on their homes, families and lives. Christine Di Muccio, who lives with her family in Parkville West, described to the panel the day she and her husband let their children cross Manningham Street to play in […]


By Andrew Herington. The panel hearings are rapidly coming to a close with three more days of individual and community group submissions. On the final day, the combined community groups have 20 minutes allocated which will be presented by Tom Pikusa, counsel for the Royal Park Protection Group. Andrew Herington also has 20 minutes on […]

Submitters sing the praises of ROYAL PARK

By Andrew Herington. Tuesday’s hearing was a solid day of group and individual submissions focusing on the proposed damage to Royal Park and on residences being acquired or left behind to live near the proposed East West Link. This followed Monday’s presentation by Gordon Ley (read his presentation here – CLOSING QUOTES – Gordon Ley) summarising all […]

Lack of transport planning dominates the day

By Andrew Herington The failure of the Napthine Government to have updated the 2008 Victorian Transport Plan was the repeated theme of the six submissions today from transport groups. The Transport Integration Act 2009 applies to the East West Link project but transport groups say the Act’s objectives and decision making principles have been ignored in the project’s comprehensive […]