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By Andrew Herington It seems that the next few days are destined to settle into a pattern of ‘lawyers versus experts at ten paces’. The LMA has introduced its arguments and laid out the case. The Councils are now seeking to demolish it brick by brick whilst the LMA try to defend their original choice […]


By Andrew Herington The hearings have now moved into the second of three phases.  For the next ten days, we will be hearing from the Councils and their expert witnesses putting the detailed case against the East West Link. This will be followed by two days of presentations from the EPA and local politicians before […]

Time to make your case

Tips from community members: The time for individual submissions to be heard by the Assessment Committee is rapidly approaching.  It’s time to sharpen your pencil and start working out what to say. The first few individuals start appearing next week and in just a fortnight the assessment committee moves into the last phase of the […]

Preview of Week 2

After a hard grind through the first week, the community groups are keeping the pressure on to convince the Assessment Committee of the many flaws in the East west Link proposal.  This week will see three more days of cross examination of Linking Melbourne Authority expert witnesses. The timetable has tended to move around a […]


By Andrew Herington In its opening submission the LMA made great play of a book by American writer Edward Glaeser called Triumph of the City. It was also the main reference used by their Expert Witness on economics, Marianne Stoettrup, who argued the East West toll road will be “city shaping”. The book tries to […]

Day 2: The LMA enjoys its time in the sun

By Andrew Herington Today was the day when the Linking Melbourne Authority could present its case uninterrupted. Taking it in turns, three barristers read a massive 76 page submission, occasionally adding asides that underlined their core message. They argued this is a narrow inquiry, tightly constrained by the terms of reference. According to the LMA, the assessment committee […]

Day 1 – The contest begins with opening statements

by Andrew Herington Today saw the opening of the 30 days of hearings. The Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) had an hour to present its case followed by responses from the four councils and a strong presentation on behalf of the community groups. A number of procedural issues were resolved but the assessment committee chose to […]


The work of the Assessment Committee starts in earnest on Monday 3 March with opening statements from all the key parties. A joint statement from the Community groups will be delivered by Tom Pikusa at 4:15pm. The Chair is expected to clarify some of the issues left over from the Directions Hearing and the shape of […]

Royal Park named for heritage protection

Royal Park should be legally protected for its cultural significance according to government body Heritage Victoria. Victoria Heritage Executive director Tim Smith has recommended to the Heritage Council that the 160 year old park be included on the Heritage Register that lists the state’s most significant places. Permits are required for any activities on a […]

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