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Time to make your case

Tips from community members: The time for individual submissions to be heard by the Assessment Committee is rapidly approaching.  It’s time to sharpen your pencil and start working out what to say. The first few individuals start appearing next week and in just a fortnight the assessment committee moves into the last phase of the […]

LMA closes its case

By Andrew Herington As the LMA case wraps up, it is fair to say the experts they called to argue the case for the East West Link were underwhelming. This reflects the small pool of specialised knowledge in Australia – and the choices made by the proponent and consultants to defend the project and the […]

Traffic projections: What do all the numbers mean?

At the East West Link public hearings this week there were countless numbers thrown around, with claim and counter claim about what they mean. Transport Minister, Terry Mulder sounded justifiably peeved when he said,”it seems the commentary on this project is that either no one will use it or too many vehicles will use it”. […]


By Andrew Herington Debate crawled along today like traffic in the Burnley tunnel. Mr Pelosi was grilled for the whole morning, but there was no illumination as to why he had supported everything in the CIS.  He assured us that he could find nothing in the 1,030 submissions he read that convinced him of fault […]


By Andrew Herington with Rose Iser New documents started flying thick and fast along with a stream of seemingly conflicting traffic numbers and technical discussion about exactly what inner Melbourne would be like in 2031. A strong crowd of community representatives settled in for day three to listen to a long day of mind-numbing statistics. […]

Day 2: The LMA enjoys its time in the sun

By Andrew Herington Today was the day when the Linking Melbourne Authority could present its case uninterrupted. Taking it in turns, three barristers read a massive 76 page submission, occasionally adding asides that underlined their core message. They argued this is a narrow inquiry, tightly constrained by the terms of reference. According to the LMA, the assessment committee […]

Day 1 – The contest begins with opening statements

by Andrew Herington Today saw the opening of the 30 days of hearings. The Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) had an hour to present its case followed by responses from the four councils and a strong presentation on behalf of the community groups. A number of procedural issues were resolved but the assessment committee chose to […]


The work of the Assessment Committee starts in earnest on Monday 3 March with opening statements from all the key parties. A joint statement from the Community groups will be delivered by Tom Pikusa at 4:15pm. The Chair is expected to clarify some of the issues left over from the Directions Hearing and the shape of […]

Live blog from public hearings starts 3 March

The public hearings start next Monday.  Community members will bring you live updates on the presentations made to the panel. If you are attending the hearings and would like to help with live blogging, please contact Petra Stock petrastock@hotmail.com